Hlukhovetska AH solved transport-related problem through intermunicipal cooperation

The Hlukhovetska AH of the Vinnytsia Oblast received a new municipal bus. Transport will run between settlements of Hlukhivtsi – Zhezheliv – Brodetske – Makhnivka - Plyakhova – Nepedivka and Hurivtsi. The residents of the Hlukhovetska and Brodetska hromadas needed a bus connection between villages for a long time.

With the assistance of the Vinnytsia Local Government Development Centre, representatives of the Hlukhovetska settlement AH took part in a series of training events held by the Centre with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme. Over time, the Hlukovetska AH has developed a project of intermunicipal cooperation with the Brodetska hromada on the joint use of municipal transport. The AH has effectively combined the efforts of the surrounding hromadas to solve common transport problems on a mutually beneficial basis.

To mark a landmark event of the purchase of a municipal bus the AH organised a celebration. At the presentation, event organisers distributed booklets with information about the project and planned route among the residents of the AH and neighbouring settlements.


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Hlukhovetska AH solved transport-related problem through intermunicipal cooperation

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