Electoral process started in 123 amalgamated hromadas

Today, the electoral process of the first elections of deputies of village, settlement, city councils of amalgamated hromadas and corresponding village, settlement and city heads has begun in 123 AHs, as well as additional elections in 24 AHs.

By 10 November inclusive, rayon election commissions should establish village, settlement and city election commissions and form their composition.

The process of nominating candidates for deputies, as well as for the village, settlement, city heads at the first local elections will begin on 19 November.

It should be mentioned that the CEC postponed the first election in two AHs: one in the Donetsk Oblast and one in the Zhytomyr Oblast. Additional elections will also not take place on 23 December at two AHs: the Shakhivska AH in the Donetsk Oblast and the Vapnyarska AH in the Vinnytsia Oblast.

As it is known, on 12 October 2018, the Central Election Commission decided to appoint the first elections in 125 AHs, 23 December 2018.


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Electoral process started in 123 amalgamated hromadas


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