The key decentralisation tasks include formation of effective local self-government and territorial organisation of power to provide high-quality and accessible public services and meet the interests of citizens in all spheres of life on the respective territory.

Amalgamation of hromadas is aimed at creation and maintainance of a favorable living environment necessary for human development, self-realisation, protection of human rights, provision of high-quality and accessible administrative, social and other services by local self-government bodies, as well as institutions and organisations established by them, to local population on the respective territories

In the process of voluntary amalgamation and accession to the already established AHs, during the implementation of powers entitled to the local self-government bodies of AHs or their officials, a lot of practical issues arise in the day-to-day operations of local self-government bodies.

This section will include analytical materials, where employees and members of local councils, managers and specialists of legal entities, formed by local councils, will be able to find answers and advice on topical issues, as well as sample documents required for their activities.

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