Intermunicipal cooperation is a good tool for solving common issues, - Halyna Hrechyn

On 26 October, a draft oblast programme for the support of hromadas’ intermunicipal cooperation was discussed at the Lviv LGDC.

The essence of the programme is to hold an annual competition for intermunicipal cooperation projects with appropriate funding from the oblast budget and budgets of the councils that have concluded intermunicipal cooperation agreements. Programme activities should promote the development of cooperation between local authorities, increase the professional level of representatives of local self-government bodies and the public on project management, as well as increase their participation in national and international programmes.

Addressing the participants of the event, Halyna Hrechyn, Director of the Lviv LGDC, said: “Cooperating with each other, hromadas receive mutually profitable benefits. This is a real opportunity to jointly address the needs that are relevant to two or more hromadas, as well as a trust assurance between hromadas.”


The full version is available in Ukrainian – please click HERE

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