07 December 2023
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Day with Mobile ASC: first experience and tips for hromadas

Day with Mobile ASC: first experience and tips for hromadas

The Mobile ASC is a specially equipped car to provide high-quality administrative services to residents of remote settlements in a one-stop shop format directly in villages and urban-type settlements. The first in Ukraine “ASC on wheels” was launched in winter 2017 in the Slavutska hromada, located in the Khmelnytskyi Oblast, with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme.

The Slavuta Mobile ASC operates as an on-site office of the stationary ASC and provides about 80 most essential services in the rayon, and 240 in the city of Slavuta.



The Mobile ASC is leaving from the stationary office


The schedule of the ASC’s trips is flexible and is based upon citizens' requests. When a certain number of applications is collected, the ASC head with the team plan a route and appoint specialists to go and deliver services.

The Mobile ASC also serves people in the format of on-site administrator, which is relevant for the elderly people, people with disabilities, as well as those, who are in the hospital or for other reasons cannot visit the ASC themselves. For people with disabilities and children's carriages, the car is equipped with a ramp.

The social services are especially popular at the Mobile ASC, and the periods of subsidies’ registration are the hottest for the ASC employees. It is convenient to use a vehicle for registering newborns in the city, as it is possible to immediately register a place of residence and apply for state aid.



Pavlo Medvedyuk registers a newborn son



Pensioners of the Slavutska AH are the most frequent visitors to the Mobile ASC


In the villages of the Slavutska hromada, the popular services of the Mobile ASC include real estate, business registration, etc. Unfortunately, to get social services the residents of remote settlements mostly have to go to the rayon, as the rayon administration is not yet ready to delegate staff on a regular basis to provide services on-site.



A remote settlement resident with her son received a certificate at the Mobile ASC


In future, the hromada plans to install passport equipment in the mobile office, since there are all the technical possibilities for this in the car. With passport services, the Mobile ASC will generate revenue for the hromada. It is important that there is an opportunity to immediately pay the administrative fee for paid administrative services at the Mobile ASC due to the installed POS-terminal.

The maintenance of the Mobile ASC costs hromada UAH 1.600 per day. This amount includes the salary of specialists and the driver, as well as fuel costs. There are cases when one of the ASC employees drives the car himself/herself, depending on the nature of the services and the schedule of employees.



Administrator of the Slavuta ASC at the wheel of the mobile office


The team of the Slavuta Administrative Service Centre advise hromadas, planning a Mobile ASC project, to be 100% sure that the “ASC on wheels” will be able to provide social services primarily to the residents of remote villages. In practice, this means that all amalgamation processes must be completed in the hromada. Hromada’s ability to maintain it is equally important.

It should be mentioned that the U-LEAD with Europe Programme within the Roll-Out Phase, which involves establishment and modernisation of up to 600 ASCs, helps hromadas launch a mobile ASC. According to the results of the first selection, six more hromadas will receive the Mobile ASC.

The third and fourth rounds, in which hromadas and cities of Ukraine that have not yet participated in the Programme (i.e. they did not receive the Terms of Reference for the ASC establishment and have not participated in the Inception Phase) could participate, are still ahead.


A suitcase of an on-site administrator of the ASC is especially useful, when there is a need to provide administrative services at home



For people with disabilities and visitors with children's carriages, the ASC is equipped with a ramp



ASC employees at the mobile office

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