Photo exhibition “Hromadas of Chernihiv Oblast in Focus” presented in Chernihiv

The presentation of the photo exhibition “Hromadas of Chernihiv Oblast in Focus” was held in the Chernihiv Local Government Development Centre, established with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and MinRegion, on 31 July.

The Chernihiv LGDC together with the Chernihiv department of the National Union of Photo Artists of Ukraine applied to residents of hromadas, representatives of authorities, business and public activists with proposal to jointly write the history of amalgamated hromadas of the Chernihiv Oblast in photos.

In total, 254 photos were received from 17 hromadas. Those best featuring the changes in hromadas or illustrating the life of AH residents were selected for the exhibition.

The organisers also mentioned that the exhibition would be located in the LGDC premises on a permanent basis and would be supplemented by new photos. Therefore, everyone who wishes to see the results of the decentralisation reform in his/her own eyes are welcomed by the Centre.

The full version is available in Ukrainian – please click HERE


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Photo exhibition “Hromadas of Chernihiv Oblast in Focus” presented in Chernihiv

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Чернігівська область


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