Hromada under microscope: Tlumatska AH

The Tlumatska AH is the first urban hromada in the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast. It was formed on 18 December 2016, and Roman Krukhovskyi was elected as the AH head. The hromada includes 13 settlements. Its population exceeds 18 thousand inhabitants.



There are 14 educational institutions in the Tlumatska AH. Each village here has an educational complex, hromada cultural centre or a village club, a rural health post, and a library. Almost every village has a football team.

There is one large school in Tlumach with over 800 pupils, a gymnasium, two kindergartens, a hromada hall. A primary healthcare centre is also set up here.

To open the centre, all the necessary equipment was purchased, namely blood analysers, laboratory devices, and two passenger cars to serve the patients.

The AH has twocommunal enterprises.


Last year, the AH budget amounted to UAH 32 million compared to the planned 28 million. This year the budget is bigger – UAH 36 million, and according to the results of the first quarter, it has been already over-fulfilled. The total budget, taking into account all subventions and grants, is UAH 98 million. This year, the infrastructure subvention is already significantly lower – UAH 3.5 million. The AH plans to spend it on road repairs, setting up of a boiler-house, construction of sports grounds.


The main revenues to the budget are due to the PIT payment. Expenditures include salaries for employees of budget institutions, as well as expenses for heat, light, street lighting, communications, and the Internet provision.


The main problem is that the educational subvention does not come to the hromada in full volume. By the end of the year the AH will lack UAH 6.7 million to pay salaries for employees of educational institutions. This entails non-payment of taxes, and, thus, a delay in payments to other employees.

There are many children in the city, but in villages their number is much smaller. Many people travel abroad: some – for permanent residence, others – for temporary work. Some villagers move to the city.

Like many other hromadas, the Tlumatska AH inherited bad roads. 


In the nearest future, the AH plans to open three football grounds, as well as children's playgrounds in all settlements of the hromada. The AH also takes an active part in various programmes, cooperates with different organisations, writes many projects, some of which win and are successfully implemented. For example, they have recently managed to win the project on the construction of the ASC, which will acquire modern equipment and technical appliances.


Many young people went abroad, says the AH head. However, there are youth organisations functioning in the AH villages. In addition, funds are allocated to the functioning of football teams, volleyball team and development of sports in the villages. A Youth Council, actively involved in the hromada life, has been established.


The Tlumatska AH sees its prospects in investors’ attraction. After all, the hromada is located in the agricultural rayon, here it is possible to cultivate berries, engage in horticulture, etc. Besides, alternative energy can be developed. Moreover, there is no shortage in offers.

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Івано-Франківська область


Тлумацька міська об’єднана територіальна громада Тлумацька територіальна громада


Галицький кореспондент

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