Poltava Oblast invites to move to rural AH: support with employment and housing purchase promised

In order to increase its population, the Serhiyivska amalgamated hromada (Hadyach Rayon) urges all those, who made their decision to move, to settle in their hromada. They are ready to help newcomers with employment and housing purchase, though provided that new residents will work.

“We first urged people to come to us in early March. They called, but nobody has moved yet,” says Ihor Lidovyi, head of theSerhiyivska AH. “If the family is ready to work and move to us, it can join the “Entrepreneship Support Fund” programme, we will help with the purchase of housing, land or engage them into other areas of activity. For example, one of the enterprises is ready to provide 30 hectares of land for raspberries’ cultivation on preferential terms. There are now 8 hectares of free land, which we are ready to provide for gardening, we will always find 2 hectares of land for vegetable growing.”

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Poltava Oblast invites to move to rural AH: support with employment and housing purchase promised


Полтавська область


Сергіївська сільська об’єднана територіальна громада



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