Documents for total amount of infrastructure subvention to be submitted by AHs by 4 June

The Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Budget has agreed to allocate the amount of subvention from the state budget to local budgets to form the infrastructure of amalgamated hromadas in 2018 (Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 201 dated 04.04.2018), announced Vyacheslav Nehoda, First Deputy Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine.

He recalled that in early April changes were introduced to the Procedure and conditions for the provision of subvention from the state budget to local budgets to form AH infrastructure. In accordance with these changes, the list of projects with project applications and conclusions of oblast state administrations for the total amount of funds, envisaged for amalgamated hromadas, have to be submitted by the executive committees of the city, settlement and village councils for the Commission’s approval within two months from the day the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, defining allocation of the subvention for the relevant year, enters into force. That is, by 4 June, all AHs must submit the necessary documents for the total amount of subvention provided for each specific hromada.

Vyacheslav Nehoda urged hromadas not to delay the project applications, and oblast state administrations and Local Government Development Centres to provide expert and advisory support to hromadas in preparing relevant applications and projects.

Already tomorrow, on 24 April, there will be a conference call with the oblast state administrations, Local Government Development Centres and heads of AHs on the use of infrastructure subventions.

It should be mentioned that the total amount of financial support is allocated among the budgets of AHs in proportion to the area of AH and the number of rural population in such a hromada. That is, the larger the AH is, the more funds it receives from the state budget for infrastructure development.



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Documents for total amount of infrastructure subvention to be submitted by AHs by 4 June


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