Khotyn has embarked on AH establishment

Today the residents of Khotyn made a historical decision having voted for the establishment of the Khotynska amalgamated hromada. Previously, inhabitants of Anadoly and Dankivtsi villages expressed their desire to join the Khotynska hromada, therefore, the future AH including three settlements may unite about 13 thousand residents.

During the meeting, the mayor of Khotyn Mykola Holovlyov noted that AH establishment would open many new opportunities for the Khotynska hromada and create new incentives for the development of their territory, since most of the taxes will remain in the AH, as well as the possibility of attracting additional public funds and international support.

Taras Prokop, decentralisation adviser of the Chernivtsi Local Government Development Centre, noted that elections of the head and deputies can take place in the Khotynska hromada already in October 2018, if all the procedures of amalgamation are completed in time, and the settlements that have not yet expressed their readiness to join Khotyn, will be able to access the already established AH under a simplified procedure.

Dmytro Prokopets, financial adviser for the Chernivtsi LGDC, established with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and MinRegion of Ukraine, expressed confidence that the future Khotynska AH will be financially capable. "Formation of the Khotynska AH with three settlements does not close the door for other villages wishing to join the hromada in the future. However, in order not to slow down the process of hromada formation, this very decision was made. The hromada in this format will be capable as well. The revenue part of the budget will amount to UAH 58 million, and expenditure part will make up 57.5," said Dmytro Prokopets.

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