Husyatynska AH implements energy monitoring system

The Husyatynska amalgamated hromada in the Ternopil Oblast became one of 18 AHs that received a grant for the execution of the project “Implementation of the energy monitoring system and energy audits of buildings”.

The work on implementation of the energy monitoring system in the educational institutions of the Husyatynska hromada has began already in January 2018.

A meeting of the heads of educational institutions and those responsible for the electricity and gas sector with energy auditors has recently taken place in Husyatyn.

An automated ASEM energy monitoring system and detailed explanation of registration and usage of the system – software and hardware complex for remote accounting of fuel and energy resources’ consumption – were presented at the event. ASEM is a multilevel hierarchical system that provides automated energy accounting based on data received directly from the units of heating, electricity, cold water, as well as collection of information on emergency signals and air temperature inside the premises.

The main task of ASEM is to solve issues of control, increase of consumption efficiency and prudent use of fuel and energy resources on the basis of accurate and immediate information.


Due to the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and Energy Efficiency in Municipalities Project, implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German Government, eighteen Ukrainian AHs will receive grants amounting to UAH 2.2 million to implement energy efficiency measures.

Projects that have passed the competitive selection will receive funding for energy efficiency services and AHs’ ability to manage energy (for example, energy audits, elaboration of estimates for energy efficiency measures implementation, energy planning, implementation of the energy management and monitoring system, training and information campaigns, etc.).

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Husyatynska AH implements energy monitoring system


Тернопільська область


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