Remote workplace for Pension Fund experts was opened in Zolotnyky

To create the appropriate conditions for servicing citizens of the Zolotnykivska amalgamated hromada of the Terebovlya Rayon, as well as provide explanations and advice on pensions, a remote workplace for the experts of the Terebovlya Joint Directorate of the Pension Fund of Ukraine in the Ternopil Oblast was opened in Zolotnyky on 12 December.

According to Resolution of the Pension Fund of Ukraine No 3-1 dated 24 January 2017, the experts of the Terebovlya Joint Directorate of the Pension Fund of Ukraine will provide the following services:

1) receipt of orders for the issuance of certificates on the amount of pension, on registration of insured persons, and originals of employment-record books;

2) assistance in filling in and receipt of application forms for the production of a pension certificate, and issuance of pension certificates;

3) advice and explanations regarding application of the legislation on compulsory state pension insurance, provision of pension rights and obligations of unified social tax payers and insured persons;

4) organisation of documents’ receipt for the preliminary legal assessment of the person’s right to pension provision, and its recalculation;

5) receipt of applications for assistance in requesting the documents necessary for insurance record and salary confirmation for appointment (recalculation) of pensions, other services.

“Pension Fund employees, representatives of executive power and local self-government were united by the common goal – bringing pension services to as many citizens as possible. From now on, the residents of the Zolotnykivska AH will have the opportunity to receive pension services without visiting the rayon centre,” said Yuriy Nyshta, head of the Terebovlya Rayon State Administration during a solemn event.

“I am sincerely grateful to the hromada leadership, who provided appropriate conditions for ensuring access of elderly people to receiving social services of the Pension Fund of Ukraine,” added Mr Nyshta.

The event was attended by Ihor Moskalyk, Head of the Chief Directorate of the Pension Fund in the Ternopil Oblast, Danylo Buhay, head of the Zolotnyky village council, Lyudmyla Sydlyar, head of the Terebovlya Joint Directorate, Halyna Boyko, deputy head of the Terebovlya Joint Directorate, and Oleh Bilous, regional expert of the SKL International.

It is worth reminding that the Zolotnykivska AH was established as a result of voluntary amalgamation of 21 villages. The population of the hromada amounts to 8700 citizens, including 2136 pensioners.


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