Personnel search as key problem of AHs, - interview with Ruslan Syvyi, director of Rivne LGDC

What did hromadas of the Rivne Oblast experience in 2017 and what should they expect next year? The answers derive from the conversation with Ruslan Syvyi, director of the Rivne Local Government Development Centre, established with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and MinRegion.

Mr Syvyi, the Rivne Local Government Development Centre has been operating for already half a year have you managed to accomplish everything planned for 2017?

There is always something you are not satisfied about… You are right, the Rivne Local Government Development Centre officially started its work at the end of May 2017, and in my view much has been done over this period. The main task of the Centre is to provide a comprehensive support to local self-government on its reform path: consulting, trainings, assistance in formulating strategies, projects etc. Over this period, the Centre experts have conducted almost 160 events, mainly in hromadas of the oblast, with about 3500 people participating.

A team of thoroughly selected and trained experts was created on the LGDC basis. Experts in decentralisation, finance and budgetary issues, regional development and communications are currently working at the Centre. I hope that soon we will be joined by special planning and municipal service experts.

The Centre is properly fulfilling all its functions, envisaged by the U-LEAD with Europe Programme. We have modern premises equally available for the work of the officials coming from AHs to the oblast centre, and a meeting room to hold various events.

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