All amalgamated hromadas, except one, have already agreed projects on infrastructure subventions

The Commission under MinRegion has already approved 1919 infrastructure projects of 365 amalgamated hromadas. These projects and programmes will be implemented in hromadas at the expense of an appropriate state subsidy by the end of this year. The total cost of the approved projects is UAH 1.47 billion or 98% of subvention funds planned for 2017 for the development of the AHs’ infrastructure.

Only the Piskivska amalgamated hromada (Kyiv Oblast) has not yet submitted projects to MinRegion.

As previously reported, the state provides support to amalgamated hromadas, in particular, in terms of restoring and development of their infrastructure. For this purpose, UAH 1.5 billion are provided by the State Budget for 2017. These funds will target the infrastructure development of 366 amalgamated hromadas created in 2015-2016.

The issue of allocating the state budget subvention to local budgets for the infrastructure development in the amalgamated hromadas was set by the Regulation No 200 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 16 March 2016.

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All amalgamated hromadas, except one, have already agreed projects on infrastructure subventions


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