The Government approved the Methodology of formation of capable territorial communities

The Government approved the Methodology of formation of capable territorial communities with a respective Decree.

During the Government meeting on April 8 the Methodology was presented by Vice-Prime Minister of Ukraine – Minister of regional development, construction, and housing and communal services of Ukraine, Gennadiy Zubko.

One of the key premises of the Methodology is the definition of potential administrative centres of future capable territorial communities and their influence zones.

Potential administrative centres, in the first place, will be located in cities of oblast’ significance and in settlements, which have the status of raion centres.

Potentially, villages, which historically had the status of raion centers and which are located farer than 20 km from cities of oblast’ significance and raion centres, as well as other settlements, can also become administrative centres.

A necessary condition for definition of an administrative centre of a capable territorial community is the availability of administrative buildings for local self-government bodies, law enforcement authority, fire department, ambulance station, centre for administrative services, state treasury office, etc.

Beside that, an administrative centre must have social infrastructure institutions, general and pre-school educational establishments, primary-level healthcare and social protection institutions.

Accessible distance from settlements to an administrative centre of a capable territorial community is 20 – 25 km. This zone is defined with availability of key public services, provided on the territories of respective communities, taken into account.

The Methodology provides, that community territories shall be formed based on ubiquity principle; also they shall be inseparable and lie within the limits of one oblast’ (desirably, within one raion).

Besides, the Methodology provides the requirements to development of a draft Prospecive plan of formation of community territories of every oblast’.

A draft prospective plan shall include a graphic part, displaying the boundaries of capable territorial communities, potential administrative centres of such communities, and all settlements, as well as a passport of a capable territorial community with the description of each community.

Adoption of the Methodology of formation of capable territorial communities is the first stage of implementation of the law “On Voluntary Unification of Territorial Communities”, which entered into force on March 4, 2015.

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