The Government adopts the decree, which halves the number of controlling governmental bodies

The Governmental decree “On optimization of central executive bodies” (of September 10, 2014, # 442) entered into force. The decree is intended to reduce the expenditures on the bureaucratic machine, neutralize corruption factor and pressure upon business, as well as enhance the efficiency of governmental control.

 “We have laid a foundation for a logical target model of a system of central executive authority bodies (CEAB), which perform controlling and supervising duties in accordance to the best European practices. Beside Ukraine’s leading experts, these proposals were developed by representatives of the European Commission, World Bank, International Financial Corporation, Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America, and other international organizations. Ukraine will gradually switch to the world practice, where inspector’s task is not to issue fines, but to clarify the legislation in order to minimize the risks for people’s life and health”. This comment on the governmental decision was given by the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, the Minister of regional development, construction, and housing and communal services, Volodymyr Groysman.

It should be reminded, that at the end of August Volodymyr Groysman presented the first phase of the reform of central controlling bodies – reduction and optimization. As a result, out of 56 central authorities, which perform controlling functions, only 26 will remain (51% reduction), while the number of functions, performed by CEAB, will be reduced from 1032 to only 680 (34% reduction), and the staff of central departments of CEAB will be reduced from  2544 to 1440 employees ( 56%).

According to Volodymyr Groysman, the next step in optimization of controlling and supervising responsibilities must be development of provisions on the respective controlling and supervising bodies.

“We will create sectoral groups, jointly with our international partners, to work on development of the provisions. Our task is to avoid doubling and redundancy of functions. The workgroups will also develop a complex of activities to ensure efficient work of controlling bodies in accordance to the new model, and enhance their responsibility”, the Vice Prime Minister noted.

Development of respective provisions must be completed within two months from the moment of the decree’s adoption.

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