31 May 2023
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Municipality of Dobrovelychkivka seeks investors for the development of lithium deposits

The municipality studied important factors for attracting investments such as communication, logistics and human resources and analysed prospective directions of economic growth. The findings were combined into an investment passport, which was developed together with U-LEAD experts.

One of the largest deposits of lithium ore — the Dobra site — is located on the territory of the Dobrovelychkivka municipality. It consists of two mines and is located within the Stankuvate ore field of the Central Ukrainian (Shpola-Tashlyk) rare metal district. The metallogenic specialisation of the Stankuvate and Nadiya ore deposits includes lithium, tantalum, gold and tungsten. The exploration area of the site is estimated at 80-105 million tonnes (1.1% to 1.4% Li2O).

In Ukraine, lithium deposits are located in the Kirovohrad (Polohivske and the Dobra site), Donetsk (Shevchenkivske) and Zaporizhzhia oblasts (Kruta Balka site). There is no actual mining ongoing on any of the sites.

According to Serhii Boychenko, a representative of the working group of the Dobrovelychkivka municipality, they, aware of the importance of lithium for manufacturing and the economy, decided to promote the idea of creating a mining enterprise.

“Lithium has already been called ‘white oil’ and one of the drivers of the ‘fourth industrial revolution’, which can transform the global economy in the next 20 years. In recent years, the demand for it began to grow thanks to the booming production of electric cars, since their batteries require much more of this metal than smartphones,” he said.

In addition, the municipality has 160 ha of municipal land that can be used as an industrial park or an industrial site for the development of this deposit. This is the site of a disused sugar factory. There are convenient logistics, manpower and water resources and electricity supply necessary to launch this project.

“In order to start the development of the field, the interested company needs to obtain special permits for mining and processing of lithium in Ukraine, and regional, district and local authorities are ready to provide appropriate support and facilitate the creation of a new enterprise. Developing a lithium field means investments and new jobs; it’s a direction that will give our municipality the opportunity to grow,” said Serhii Boychenko.

According to the information of the State Service of Geology and Subsoil of Ukraine, there are deposits of 22 out of 30 minerals included in the list of critical raw materials for the European Union on the territory of Ukraine. Among them are lithium, beryllium, rare earth elements, nickel, cobalt, etc. 

“Post-war recovery of territories offers an opportunity to attract investments and foreign capital. The construction of a factory for the production of lithium batteries or other products in addition to the lithium ore mining enterprise can be the first step towards a new high-tech industry based on local raw materials. As part of the work on the investment passport, U-LEAD experts help municipal officials to see opportunities and draft complex projects,” said Oleh Yaremenko, Head of the Regional Office of U-LEAD with Europe in the Kirovohrad oblast.

According to the National Transport Strategy “Drive Ukraine 2030”, in 12 years, all public transport and half of private cars should be electric, so the demand for lithium batteries will be high. Furthermore, Ukraine has plans for the development of “green” energy. And after the Victory, these plans, albeit adjusted, will have to be implemented.

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Municipality of Dobrovelychkivka seeks investors for the development of lithium deposits




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