With the support of U-LEAD, Synevyr municipality is developing cooperation with the Italian municipality of Pollina

With the assistance of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme, Ukrainian municipalities continue to develop cooperation with international municipalities. As part of the Bridges of Trust initiative, the first working online meeting of the representatives of the Synevyr municipality of Zakarpattia region and the city of Pollina (Italy) took place on 4 October.

 “Bridges of Trust is one of the U-LEAD initiatives that helps Ukrainian municipalities to develop cooperation with European municipalities. We already have many successful examples of such partnerships. The development of cooperation with Italian municipalities is a new direction in our activities. We hope that it will be productive and successful. We are convinced that the Synevyr municipality and the municipality of Pollina have all the preconditions for the successful development of cooperation and the implementation of joint projects,” said Mykhailo Moroz, head of the “U-LEAD with Europe” Western Regional Hub.

The mayor of the Pollina municipality, Pietro Musotto, expressed his support for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, noting his city’s readiness to accept forced migrants and help them with everything they need. During the conversation, the mayor of the Italian municipality presented his city, talked about its tourist infrastructure, business development and some municipal services.

“Today’s meeting serves as the first step for further discussion and improved communication. It is important that the discussed areas of cooperation and projects are implemented in the future,” said Pietro Musotto.

Synevyr village head Ivan Chup also told the participants of the meeting about the Synevyr municipality. According to him, they have many common features with the Italian municipality; in particular, it concerns the development of tourism and geographical peculiarities.

“The Synevyr municipality is actively developing in several directions: environmental protection activities, tourism, and promotion of local craft production. We strive to develop our partnership with the municipality of Pollina, which will allow us to implement a number of joint initiatives and projects,” said Ivan Chup.

Based on the results of the meeting, the representatives of both parties decided on the priority steps to be taken in the near future. An agreement was reached on the preparation of a draft memorandum on cooperation between the two municipalities.

The main areas of potential cooperation will be the writing of joint projects for international funds, the development of environmental initiatives, support of local businesses, the introduction of exchange programs for children and assistance to internally displaced persons.

The representatives of the Pollina municipality were invited to visit the Synevyr municipality.

“We are glad to hold the first meeting between the representatives of the Synevyr municipality and the Pollina municipality, which will mark the beginning of a new partnership between the municipalities. Such cooperation in the conditions of war and the European vector of Ukraine’s development is extremely important and will allow municipalities to more effectively overcome the challenges they face. We are ready to actively help in the development of this partnership,” emphasized Mykola Siusko, head of the regional office of U-LEAD in Zakarpattia region.

We would like to remind you that thanks to the Bridges of Trust initiative, Ukrainian municipalities are developing their cooperation with municipalities from Slovenia, Poland, Estonia and other countries. Due to U-LEAD with Europe Programme, the municipalities of Zakarpattia region have been developing cooperation with international partners since last year. As part of the Bridges of Trust initiative, the Kamiana municipality has started cooperation with the French city of Porto-Vecchio, and three municipalities of Zakarpattia region – Yasinia, Svaliava, and Horinchovo – are establishing cooperation with the Danish municipality of Gulborgsunn. The municipalities have already managed to hold a number of meetings with their colleagues and have developed promotional videos that help them increase their investment attractiveness.


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With the support of U-LEAD, Synevyr municipality is developing cooperation with the Italian municipality of Pollina


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