The EU-funded U-LEAD with Europe Programme presented a Manual “How to establish a corruption-free ASC”

On November 27, the Manual “How to establish a corruption-free ASC” developed by Ukrainian and Swedish experts of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme was presented at the online conference. More than 150 representatives of local self-government authorities took part in the online discussion of the tools of counteracting corruption at the local level.

“I would like to highlight the practical value of the Manual, because it not only correctly identifies the main corruption risks during the establishment and operation of the ASCs, but also offers the most effective and convenient tools to mitigate them at the local level, taking into account the specifics of self-government authorities and the principles of well-functioning ASCs”, – emphasized Oleksandr Novikov, Head of the National Agency on Corruption Prevention, while greeting the participants of the event.

The online conference also presented a test game “Assess corruption risks in the ASC” – 14 questions for the hromada leadership and the impact of their decisions on the establishment of an comprehensive administrative service delivery system for residents.

The Manual was developed by a team of Swedish and Ukrainian experts on the establishment of ASCs and administrative services provision, development of anti-corruption policies for local self-government authorities, specialists in anti-corruption legislation of Ukraine. Due to such involvement of intersectoral experts, the Manual comprehensively reveals the theoretical and practical aspects of transparency, integrity, and presents different perspectives on corruption risks in the work of self-governing institutions.

“Quality and accessible services for every resident is one of the main priorities of the Ministry of Digital Transformation, which our team is actively working on.  We are grateful to our international partners, the U-LEAD with Europe Programme, who are working together with hromadas to create transparent conditions for the provision of services. A well-functioning ASC is an anti-corruption institution by its nature: it operates in the format of open space and works as a one stop show by offering the widest range of services”, – highlighted Liudmyla Rabchynska, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation on Development of Public Services.

Natalia Starostenko, Head of the Local Development Sector of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, welcomed the participants on behalf of the European Union and noted: “Ensuring modern and convenient access of citizens to services is one of the priorities of the European Union in Ukraine, implemented within the framework of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme. Corruption is a key obstacle to sustainable local development, which creates barriers to quality and accessible services. That is why preventing and combating corruption must become a fundamental value at the level of every hromada. I am confident that the U-LEAD Programme’s Manual with recommendations on transparency and prevention of corruption risks in the ASCs will be a tool to help take an important step towards sustainable development and well-being of the hromadas”.

The main purpose of the Manual is to provide the hromada leadership and the ASCs, as well as the hromada residents with recommendations, which will reduce the corruption risks in the ASC. The Manual is an anti-corruption guide that should be used in tandem with the basic Manual “How to establish an ASC in AH? Experience of institutional establishment of the ASC within the framework of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme”.

“This is the eighth manual from our support package for the hromadas in their sustainable development and striving to provide quality services to residents and businesses. I hope that hromadas will use it from the beginning of the work on the establishment of a well-functioning ASC, because preventive anti-corruption measures are much more effective in the long run”, said Susanna Dellans, Sida Programme Director of U-LEAD with Europe.

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The EU-funded U-LEAD with Europe Programme presented a Manual “How to establish a corruption-free ASC”


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