Subsidies and government aid via ASCs: Is everything O.K. with e-cooperation?

Social administrative services, mainly awarding subsidies, government aid of various types, belong to the most demanded by citizens.

Currently providing services off-line is the most efficient.

According to the statistics, almost half of all ASCs provide some social administrative services. Recently the Government has adopted new additional decisions on social administrative services integration into ASCs. From January, 1, 2021 applications concerning a set of social administrative services are planned to be accepted exclusively by local self-government bodies or by ASCs, established by these bodies. From March, 1, 2021 it will be done only via forming an e-case to be sent to social protection bodies.

The Government has also decided that local self-government bodies and their ASCs shall use informational systems of the Ministry of Social policy for it. In general it is good as the sphere of the population social protection needs a digital transformation, whereas residents demand quality services.

The Ministry of Social policy contributes to the Social Hromada integrated informational system software to be introduced locally.

So what is wrong with it? The trouble is that the need of the Social Hromada e-cooperation with other ASC automation systems has not been considered yet.


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Author: Роман Матвійчук


ASC social services Roman Matviichuk


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