Pitfalls of amendments to the election legislation

Local elections are a form of direct democracy, aimed at legalizing a representative body for the purpose of local development management on behalf of hromadas. An election code is a tool, targeted to fulfilling the aim. Who will rise to power with such a tool? What will the power realise? Olena Boyko, a people’s deputy of Ukraine of the VIII convocation, a candidate of sciences in state administration, is considering all the issues in the material.

The main trouble is: the local self-government reform, initiated in 2014, one of the most successful reforms nowadays, the reform trusted so much by many hromadas, is currently under threat. It can be explained by the final result – capable hromada formation – directly depends on the hromadas representative bodies. It is not sufficient to create «a map» of territorial arrangement, proper administration must be ensured. But it is rather doubtful if this very election tool is applied. Decentralisation is turning into partying… but good party structures are necessary for it, otherwise it is nothing but “feudalism”.

Yet there is a little time to put it right…

Колонка відображає винятково позицію її автора. За достовірність інформації відповідає автор колонки. Точка зору редакції порталу «Децентралізація» може не збігатися з точкою зору автора колонки.
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Author: Олена Бойко


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