The Local Self-Government Advisory Committee has resumed work at the Parliament

On June, 25 there was held a meeting of the Local Self-Government Advisory Committee, dedicated to the status quo in the power territorial organisation and local self-government reform under its under its final phase conditions. The event was chaired by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Head Dmytro Razumkov, involving the heads of the Parliamentary committees, people’s deputies, members of the Government, representatives of the local self-government, heads of the Ukrainian local self-government associations.

According to Dmytro Razumkov, it is high time for the Local Self-Government Advisory Committee to resume its work. There has been signed a new wording of the Regulation on the Local Self-Government Advisory Committee. The State Power Organisation Committee has also established a permanently functioning work group, within which it will be possible to tackle many urgent issues, arising during the legislative work and other aspects, related to the decentralization reform.

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