Local roads will be restored at the expense of international financial organisations, - the Ministry of Infrastructure

For the last 2 years thanks to the establishment of the State Road Foundation, 35% of which being the local road network restoration funding, it has become possible to restore more local automobile roads than there had been restored for eight previous years.

The data have been quoted by the deputy of the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine on European Integration Nataliya Forsyuk during online-conference «Development Perspectives of the Road Facilities of Ukraine».

According to Nataliya Forsyuk , if  within the period of 2010-2017 in Ukraine annually 0,5-17 km of local roads were repaired in each region. Since 2018 this average rate has been 40-45 km, and in 2020 it is planned to be increased almost twofold – up to 77 km.

«It is possible to partly solve the problem at the cost of additional funding, including low interest loans by the international financial organisations», – pointed out Nataliya Forsyuk, adding that permanent partners of Ukraine – the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the European Investment Bank, having been realising infrastructure projects at public automobile roads for a long time, have already expressed their readiness to fund the regional state administrations for the purpose of the local road network restoration and improvement.


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Міністерство інфраструктури України

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