Possibilities for the local economy support have been discussed during the international online-conference

On April, 28 during the international online-conference “The Local Economy Revival. How the State and Local Authorities can Support the Local Business during and after the Quarantine” representatives of the central government agencies, local self-government, Ukrainian and foreign businesses discussed possibilities of overcoming the crisis, caused by the COVID19 pandemic.

“Currently all the countries wonder how to survive under the quarantine conditions? In Ukraine approximately 2 million people may become unemployed due to the quarantine. That is why we are interested in having an open discussion of the current challenges and coming up with creative ideas related to them, – mentioned Susan Kutor, acting USAID in Ukraine mission director while opening the conference. – After the crisis we will all need collective activity both at the local and national levels, aimed at overcoming its repercussions. The USA Government assists in fighting the pandemic all over the world and we have increased the assistance volume for Ukraine”.



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