U-LEAD launches U-LEARN online training platform 

U-LEAD with Europe announced the launch of the U-LEARN online training platform. The platform is already operational and available at u-learn.org.ua. The study materials are free of charge with a certificate being provided upon completion of the training.



One of the key outcomes of decentralisation and regional policy reforms is the reorganisation of state administration and service delivery at subnational level, which requires local self-government bodies to take on new responsibilities and tasks.

This creates new requirements for staffing and capacity-building for local self-government officials and civil society organisations as key actors in hromada development. In this situation, training, expert advice, mutual learning on the ground and exchange of experience play an important role.

As the number of amalgamated hromadas grows steadily, modern digital technologies and training tools are becoming increasingly important for networking with hromadas across Ukraine.


Who might be interested in the online training platform?

The training resource is aimed at the AH leadership, specialists of all levels and those interested in local self-government issues in Ukraine.


What topics does online training cover?

The U-LEAD with Europe Programme has developed 7 training modules on building up the capacity of amalgamated hromadas:

  1. Daily ethical problems in the work of AHs.
  2. Strategic communication: introduction.
  3. Introduction to citizen engagement in decision-making processes.
  4. Digital communications in hromadas.
  5. Social services in AHs.
  6. The basics of healthcare reform through e-Health.
  7. Formation of a capable educational network in hromada.


Bastian Veigel, GIZ Programme Director of U-LEAD with Europe:

“Access to electronic modules is free and does not require registration. Registration is only needed if you wish to obtain a certificate of module completion. Coverage of all training materials and successful completion of the final test are prerequisites for obtaining a certificate.”


Lilia Atnazheva, hromada development expert, member of the training course development team.

“24/7 is exactly the kind of work that is typical of most local self-government officials, because there are constantly situations where they need feedback and adequate solutions. Instead, there are no ready-made recipes. You can only use what you have systematically invested in yourself beforehand. This type of training is optimal for people who value time and want to have a concentrated international experience, get acquainted with best local decision-making practices. This is exactly what you should invest in yourself.”


“Reader for Leaders”



The U-LEARN online platform contains another valuable educational asset – the Reader for Leaders, an online compilation of twelve thematic sections on key issues faced by AH executives. The Reader for Leaders is designed to inform and inspire. It is not a collection of laws, but it does contain references to regulations, summarises important aspects of each topic, and uses case studies to illustrate key ideas. It is not designed to be read from A to Z, but to serve as a guide that supports AH leaders on the path to success.

The U-LEAD with Europe Programme understands the relevance of learning in this format, and therefore will continue to invest in the creation of new training modules to develop hromadas’ capacity in Ukraine. U-LEAD invites everyone to visit its U-LEARN platform at u-learn.org.ua.




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