Youth space started functioning in Dmytrivka, Kirovohrad region

In the village of Dmytrivka of the Znamyanka district a youth space, equipped in the former school workshop, has started working.

Local youngsters will be able to be involved into useful and important for the local community causes. Here master-classes are regularly conducted, movies are shown and other matters are planned.

According to Nataliya Styrkul, the village head, almost half a million UAH was spent on the youth space. Under the DOBRE programme demands, co-funding is obligatory, that is why we invested almost 200 thousand UAH into the premises repairs whereas the DOBRE programme funded the equipment and furniture for the amount of 237 thousand UAH.


youth DOBRE


Кіровоградська область


Дмитрівська сільська об’єднана територіальна громада


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