Decentralisation reform will be completed soon – Razumkov

Dmytro Razumkov, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, believes that decentralisation is a real example of a proper reform and that it will be completed soon.

He emphasised this during his communication with students of the Zhytomyr Oblast Boarding Lyceum for gifted children.

“Decentralisation is a real example of a proper reform. Unfortunately, it is not yet completed. I think we will be able to complete it soon and hold elections under the new system. This will really make it possible to create better conditions on the ground, starting with schools, colleges, higher educational institutions, because people on the ground know better than in Kyiv where to spend money and how to control it,” the speaker of the parliament said.

According to him, the decentralisation reform will be completed in the near future and everyone will be able to experience both qualitative and quantitative changes.

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Decentralisation reform will be completed soon – Razumkov



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