Regional Vocational Education and Training Councils to be established on the ground

Business, local authorities, educators and specialised associations will work together in the Regional VET Councils. In this way, they will affect the number of budgetary places in the VET institutions, involvement of business in the upgrading of equipment, development of dual education, when almost 70% of training is carried out at production site. The regulation defining the powers and responsibilities of the Regional Councils was adopted on 4 December 2019 at a Government meeting.

“From the moment when the local authorities received more powers in managing the institutions of vocational education, we lacked a body that would balance the interests of managers, heads of institutions and, in fact, students and entrants. In addition, to implement the reform there should be experts on the ground to monitor market needs and lobby for institutions. This is exactly how we see the Regional Vocational Education and Training Councils and their functions. Now that the decision has been made by the Government, we hope that the Councils will be an effective mechanism for positive change, and will not exist only on paper,” said Petro Korzhevskyi, Deputy Minister of Education and Science.

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