Professional training system for local self-government: state, challenges and prospects

In 2019 the National Agency of Ukraine for Civil Service (NAUCS) prepared for the first report “State of the Training System for Civil Servants, Heads of Local State Administrations, their First Deputies and Deputies, Local Government Officials, and Local Councillors”. The document, inter alia, based on the information from the Report on the National Training Needs Analysis of Local Self-Government Authorities of Ukraine implemented by the Council of Europe Programme “Decentralisation and local government reform in Ukraine” and provides an opportunity to analyze the current state, trends and challenges in the sphere of professional training for public officials in Ukraine.

Using this opportunity, we would like to draw attention to the issues of professionalization of service in local self-government authorities, that is a prerequisite for the successful implementation of the growing scope of functions and powers in the process of decentralization and development of territorial communities in Ukraine.

Following the Concept on Reforming Professional Training System for Public Officials developed with the Council of Europe expert support the modern Ukrainian professional training system “will be oriented at the person’s need for life-long professional development and will facilitate the implementation of Good Governance principles”.  

More information is available on the Ukrainian version of the website.

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Professional training system for local self-government: state, challenges and prospects




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