All releases of the radio programme on hromada development “Whole Country. Modern Hromada”

All issues of the radio programme “Whole Country. Modern Hromada” about AH development, aired by the Ukrainian Radio, are now available on one platform.

The aim of the programme was to convey objective information about decentralisation and to encourage people to take part in the social and political life of their village or city.

The main part of each release is the interview of the presenter with one or more studio guests – experts, hromada representatives, activists, investors of regional projects, representatives of initiatives aimed at supporting newly established AHs, as well as government officials.

The programme also contains stories about specific examples of self-organisation of people, introduction of an investment project, solving problems of a village or city by hromada efforts.

In addition, each programme features project implementation experience in different oblasts of Ukraine or even in other countries.

Each issue in Kyiv engaged regional branches of Suspilne.

In addition, podcasts are also located on Apple Podcasts:


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30 October 2020

Послуги РАЦС, нотаріату, реєстрації нерухомості та бізнесу в контексті нового АТУ

Послуги РАЦС, нотаріату, реєстрації нерухомості...

Тема п’ятого випуску ток-шоу «U-LEAD: Наближаючи послуги» -  надання послуг РАЦС, нотаріату, реєстрації нерухомості...

29 October 2020

Background checks at the public power bodies following the Constitutional Court decision

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On 27.10.2020 the Constitutional Court of Ukraine upheld decision № 13-r/2020, acknowledging a set of provisions of...

29 October 2020

Smart hromada – a contest for hromadas eager to become a Smart City

Smart hromada – a contest for hromadas eager to...

Any Ukrainian hromada, willing to develop «smart technologies» but requiring expert support, has a chance to get a...

29 October 2020

Where to find money for local energy projects?

Where to find money for local energy projects?

Eco-club is launching the online-course “Local energy projects: Where small businesses and AHs can find money for...

29 October 2020

Decentralisation paradoxes: social welfare centralisation?

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Decentralisation, particularly, territorial hromadas and rayons consolidation, is considered to be one of the most...