Land advisers to appear in hromadas

The Free Legal Aid System is getting ready to the land reform launch. Land advisers in hromadas, lawyers in land issues, Land-related consulting section for WikiLegalAid, survey of legal needs of citizens – these issues and many more are being implemented in the Free Legal Aid System.

“With the opening of the land market, landowners will have a lot of legal issues related to land lease, sale and purchase transactions. It is important that people receive information as soon as possible about their rights and their ability to protect them, that people know they can apply for legal aid to the Free Legal Aid System,” said Oleksiy Bonyuk, director of the Legal Aid Coordination Centre, speaking at the XIX International Economic Forum in Lviv.

“We must train land advisers. It is a very effective tool to enhance hromadas’ legal capacity. The tradition of seeking legal advice from a neighbor or acquaintance, that has rooted in Ukraine, should disappear. We will do our best to make land advisers appear in local hromadas,” Oleksiy Bonyuk stressed.

Land Advisors are active citizens who will be involved in land relations issues. After completing the training, hromada residents will be able to provide general advice and connect people with specialists of the Free Legal Aid System.

The full version is available in Ukrainian – please click HERE

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Land advisers to appear in hromadas




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