Total “ASC creation” or state in smartphone?

Service state should take care of proper provision of services through various channels to worry about all groups of citizens and businesses by not allowing discrimination.

Author: Roman Matviychuk, regional coordinator of the Roll-out Phase of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme for Ekonomichna Pravda.


Trust is a component of an effective service state. The level of trust to the authorities should be significantly increased.

As for provision of administrative services, electronic services are one of the effective ways to increase trust of citizens.

However, trust is also important when providing services through ASC. Effective centres are confirmation for it. Narrow corridors, an office system, non-transparency and other echoes of the Soviet system are the most frequent causes of dissatisfaction with the quality of services provided to residents. The state should pay due attention to the development of service delivery systems through various channels, both electronic and physical. These two channels interact with each other. Due to their effective interaction and synergy, citizens will receive full service from the state. When providing e-services, attention should be paid to how ASC can improve digitization and how e-services can improve the service level in ASCs.

Why is the interaction of electronic and physical modes of service delivery important?

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Author: Роман Матвійчук


ASC Roman Matviichuk


Економічна правда

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