Oleksandrivska AH purchased school buses for infrastructure subvention

School buses arrived to the Oleksandrivska AH. They were purchased at the expense of the infrastructure subvention from the state budget.

The Oleksandrivska settlement AH was established last year. From 1 January 2019, the hromada switched to direct interbudgetary relations with the state and received an opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of decentralisation. These include receiving subventions for infrastructure development from the state. So this year the AH got infrastructure subvention for the first time.

The hromada decided to direct the infrastructure subvention to purchase new school buses, as the old ones had already run out of service and needed replacement.

Almost a third of pupils in the Oleksandrivska AH are brought to their place of study. 399 schoolchidren from 37 settlements living more than 3 kilometers from their schools, as well as educators, are transported to nine hromada schools. The bus load is huge – there are 46 trips per day, the total number of kilometers driven per day is 723.

Due to the infrastructure subvention, the Oleksandrivska AH purchased three buses worth UAH 1.8 million each, and added UAH 806 thousand from the city budget to the state money. Another bus that cost UAH 1.7 million was bought at the expense of a targeted educational subvention, and the hromada’s contribution made up UAH 171 thousand.

The Donetsk Local Government Development Centre of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme provided methodical and advisory support in course of preparation of the projects for subvention to the Oleksandrivska AH.

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