Following example of German communities, Mamalyhivska AH introduced energy manager position

The Mamalyhivska AH was among the 30 winners of the GIZ Energy Efficiency in Municipalities Project grant.

GIZ experts presented calculations to the hromada which show that funds invested in insulation of the outer walls of the school, if not take other steps for the sake of heat conservation, will pay off in 20 years, and if other measures are taken, the payback can be reached in three years.

This point can be questioned, but German communities have proved its effectiveness by their own experience after introduction of the energy manager position.

“The position of an energy manager is already foreseen in the staff schedule of our hromada, the candidate is currently being trained,” notes the deputy head of the AH.

Both local funds and infrastructure subvention allocated from the state budget are used for energy saving.

Energy audits are carried out in all budgetary institutions and establishments, at other facilities.

The modernised boiler house in Podvirne village school will work not only on gas, but also on wood chips – production waste.

The village of Dranytsia reported about concrete energy audit results. During the first four months of last year, up to UAH 400.000 had to be paid for street lighting, which was a concern. Therefore, they decided to replace all the light bulbs with energy-saving ones, purchased 1800 of them at a not quite cheap price. But 400 thousand for electricity have not been reached even in the current 11 months, they hope that they will not cross this cost line by the end of the year.

The full version is available in Ukrainian – please click HERE


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Чернівецька область


Мамалигівська сільська об’єднана територіальна громада Мамалигівська територіальна громада



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