Land market to be AH-centric

Pavlo Kulynych, Chief Legal Adviser of the  “Support to agricultural and rural development” USAID Project, Doctor of Legal Sciences, has told about features of the new legislation, some facts on the opening of the land market, as well as on benefits amalgamated hromadas will have of it.

The experts know that the new Verkhovna Rada decided to seriously take up the lifting of the moratorium on the sale of land for agricultural purpose. I personally know that the relevant draft law is being prepared now. This bill will empower hromadas to not just sell and buy land. First, the new law will create a favourable legal framework for market participants. Actually, this law will cause drafting of a several other bills, including those that give hromadas all powers to control land in their territories. Therefore, hromadas will be able to plan their own territories and, in fact, with a view to this USAID Agriculture and Rural Development Support Project now helps hromadas to create electronic maps of their resources, especially land ones. These maps reflect the real state of land use and potential opportunities for this. Of course, these documents are still unofficial.

After the bill I am talking about is passed, the Ukrainian land market will be AH-centric. What is happening now? Rayon councils are still drawing up plans for territories outside settlements that are, in fact, alien territories. But after the introduction of legislative changes, unified planning documents must appear in hromadas, and these documents will cover the whole AH territory and will be approved by AH councils.

The full version is available in Ukrainian – please click HERE 

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Author: Павло Кулинич



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