Business and real estate registrations through ASC: recommendations of U-LEAD experts

U-LEAD with Europe experts have prepared a policy note on specific problems of business and real estate registration service delivery through administrative service centres.

Реєстрації бізнесу та нерухомості через ЦНАП: рекомендації експертів програми «U-LEAD з Європою»

The note focuses on the legal obstacles that create barriers to effective administrative services. First of all, it concerns a lack of ability of local self-government bodies to keep registration cases, obligatory presence of RSA registrars, even when it is not necessary, the size and distribution of administrative fee for real estate and business registration services, additional restrictions on access to the profession of a registrar.

Solving these problems will allow to optimise the expenditures of the state and local budgets aimed at providing administrative services in the field of real estate and business registration, improve the access of citizens to these services, ensure the sustainable functioning of the ASC at the expense of reasonable payment for the administrative service delivery.

For more details please see the policy note at the link.

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