Championship of amalgamated hromadas cases from DESPRO and Casers

The DESPRO Local Self-Government School in partnership with the Ukrainian Cases-Community Casers runs the Championship of cases of amalgamated hromadas that are participants of the 2019 School!

This is a unique opportunity for hromadas to get innovative solutions for the current challenges of local self-government by describing them in the form of case studies. This is also a wonderful opportunity for authors of cases solutions to dive deeper into the issues of the local self-government and administrative-territorial organization of power reform, to meet closer with Ukrainian hromadas and help local development! Anyone may try to solve a case regardless of the level of training or experience - students, professionals and experts in the relevant fields:

  • Local economic development
  • Territory and Hromadas Marketing
  • Strategic planning for local development
  • Hromadas cohesion
  • Communication with residents of hromadas
  • Handling with solid household waste
  • Branding of territories
  • Attraction of investments
  • Land issues of AHs
  • Formation of educational network
  • Small business development

More details can be found on the page of the Championship on Caser platform. The deadline to submit cases is 3 November.

Swiss-Ukrainian Project “Decentralisation Support in Ukraine” (DESPRO) invites everyone to try him/herself in solving cases from the Ukrainian hromadas and join the most successful reform of Ukraine!


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