Live broadcast of the sessions from the “Hromada for Everyone” conference

For your attention live broadcast of the sessions from the “Hromada for Everyone” conference held September 30 at the NSC “Olympiyskyi” with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme.


09.00 - 10.30 Main panel discussion “Decentralisation: quality services for everyone in hromada”


  • Alyona Babak, Minister of Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine
  • Hanna Novosad, Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine
  • Zoryana Skaletska, Minister of Health of Ukraine
  • Yulia Sokolovska, Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine
  • Annika Weidemann, Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine
  • Bastian Veigel, GIZ Programme Director of U-LEAD with Europe




10.45 – 12.30 Hromada for people, people for hromada


Session No 1. Developing social services – new opportunities for the hromada (Partnership for Every Child)

How can social services work in your hromadas?

Moderator: Vasylyna Dybaylo, Partnership for Every Child


  • Iryna Hryshchenko and Iryna Vira, Bilozirska rural AH
  • Iryna Drozdova and Olha Chyzh, Preobrazhenska rural AH
  • Volodymyr Tsytsiura, Baranivka City Council
  • Oksana Sedyuk, Novopskovska settlement AH




Session No 2. Health in Hromada: achievements and good practices of the health reforms in AHs (U-LEAD with Europe).

What tools and approaches in the health sector can be used by hromadas to improve the healthcare and quality of life of their residents?

Moderator: Alisa Makarikhina, national expert


  • Natalia Gusak and representatives from pilot hromadas (Klishkovetska, Nedoboivska, Hotynivska and Chudeyska AHs);
  • Vasyl Vysochanskyi and Valeriy Mykulych, municipal service adviser of the Rivne RC of U-LEAD with Europe
  • Alisa Makarikhina, Olha Stavytska, Iryna Shkabarnya, Shyrokivska AH




Session No 3. Mentoring AHs and Schools for Systemic Changes: Best Practices and Lessons Learnt (U-LEAD with Europe).

How can educational reform be implemented effectively at the local level?

Moderator: Alevtyna Sedochenko, U-LEAD with Europe


  • Khrystyna Holynska, mentor & trainer, KSE
  • Volodymyr Mitsuk, Head of Bilozirska AH, Cherkasy Oblast
  • Anna Uvarova, Programme Director, Pro.Svit
  • Iryna Vus, Head of the Dept. for Education, Zhovtanetska AH, Lviv Oblast




14.00 – 16.00 Hromada: partnership in diversity


Session No 1. Partnerships of urban and rural communities as an instrument of local socio-economic development - opportunities and challenges (CSI).

How to create conditions for joint planning of urban and rural hromadas’ territories while implementing effective projects?

Moderator: Anatoliy Tkachuk, Civil Society Institute


  • Serhiy Sharshov, Ministry of Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine
  • Oksana Garnets, DESPRO Project Manager
  • Dmytro Rudnytskyi, Novohrad-Volynskyi Rayon Council
  • Andriy Romanyuk, Ternopil City Council
  • Inna Komarova, Head of Investment Department of the Berdyansk City Council




Session No 2. Diversity Management for Socio-Economic Development (ECMI).

How to activate national minorities to manage diversity and motivate residents to contribute to the prosperity of their hromadas?

  • Table 1: Mykhailo Drapak, Natalia Mekakhal, Olha Sribnyak (ЕСМІ);
  • Table 2: Petro Bryzhak (Storozhynetska AH, Chernivtsi Oblast), Serhiy Kohutych (Baranynska AH, Zakarpattia Oblast), Maria Nikorych (Novoselytska AH, Chernivtsi Oblast), Dumitru Penteleychuk (Volokivska AH, Chernivtsi Oblast), Dmytro Prodan (Krasnosilska AH, Odesa Oblast);
  • Table 3: Dmytro Boychuk (Storozhynetska AH, Chernivtsi Oblast), Markiyan Datsyshyn (Civil Society Institute);
  • Table 4: Dumitru Tudor Jijie (Ex-President of the Association “Euroregion “Siret-Prut-Nistru”, Romania), Stanislav Cherneha (ЕСМІ), Thomas Zschornak (Nebelschütz, Germany);
  • Table 5: Ivan Demyanchuk (Zakarpattia RC of U-LEAD), Yulia Molodozhen (Odesa RC of U-LEAD), Tetiana Tatarchuk (Chernivtsi RC of U-LEAD).




Session No 3. Volunteer fire brigades (VFB)  for community-building and safer environment (Association of Voluntary Fire Brigades).

What are the potential opportunities for voluntary firefighting in AHs?

Moderator: Agnieszka Piasecka


  • Marek Kowalski,  Coordinator of the Improving Civil Protection in Amalgamated Hromadas Iniciative  
  • Dariusz Marczyński, expert of Poland’s Government Crisis Management Centre
  • Oleksandr Nagulo, Deputy Chief of State Emergency Services Department in Chernihiv region
  • Alla Mikhurinska, Civil Protection Specialist, Letychivska AH
  • Fedir Khlebovych, Head of  Myliatska AH




16.30 – 17.30 Final panel and presentations of the speakers





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