Transparent land: AHs of Kharkiv Oblast learn to use land effectively

The Kolomatska AH offers its residents the possibility to trace all land plots and networks located nearby, as well as all other detailed information about the local land. Thanks to the initiative of the Kharkiv Oblast Council, a large-scale international project for the development of rural territories has started in the Kharkiv Oblast.

The Kolomatska amalgamated hromada has ambitious development plans. Some of them were presented by the hromada’s management on 28 August during the public hearings dedicated to the transparent management of land and other municipal resources. This event drew the bottom line under the hard work that took 10 months. During that time, the hromada’s in-house specialists cooperated closely with the experts of the Eastern Europe Foundation and the Kharkiv Oblast Council as part of the Programme for Local Systemic Development that is implemented in partnership with the LLC “BlumInfo-Ukraine”, the civil organisation “DESPRO” and MGO “Kyiv Economics Institute” under the USAID project “Support of Agrarian and Rural Development”.

 The goals of the Programme for Local Systemic Development are as follows:

  • to ensure effective management of land and other resources in AHs based on geo-information technologies;
  • to develop the capacity of AHs to prepare development projects for the acquisition of investments;
  • to take into consideration the interests of public governance, local self-government, business and private sector based on cooperation and partnership.

The participants of the Programme for Local Systemic Development were 79 AHs from the Luhansk, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhia, Kherson and Kharkiv Oblasts. Thanks to the efforts by Serhii Chernov, head of the Kharkiv Oblast Council, our region could join this large-scale project. 12 AHs from the Kharkiv Oblast qualified to participate in the Programme. By that time, agrarian land located outside of settlements’ boundaries has already been registered as the municipal property of these hromadas. Hromadas’ representatives had several months to learn modern geo-information technologies: how to mark land plots on the map and how to capture information on the map as detailed as possible, including soil quality, slopes, neighboring communications, hromada’s plans for the respective land plots etc. During the training, close contacts were established with the StateGeoCadastre, the Department for Water Resources, Department of Ecology and many other relevant departments and units.



The full version is available in Ukrainian – please click HERE 




Харківська область


Коломацька селищна об’єднана територіальна громада Коломацька територіальна громада


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