Waste sorting and forest protection: changes in Dzvynyatska AH

The Dzvynyatska amalgamated hromada has been functioning in the Bohorodchany Rayon for almost two years. It consists of four villages – Rosilna, Kosmach, Dzvynyach and Mizhgirya.

Mykola Volochiy, head of the Dzvynyatska AH, says that not everything went smoothly after the hromada formation. In particular, there were problems with personnel issues and the pool, which had to be closed.

The hromada budget exceeds 44 million, of which 7.5 million are own revenues, educational subvention makes up about 70% of the total budget. Also this year, the AH received UAH 2 million 250 thousand of road subvention.

Oil and gas are produced on the AH territory. An important sector of the local economy is woodworking. The hromada leases land plots as well.

Hromada residents do not stand aside, but are actively involved in its development. Thus, last year they helped in preparation for the opening of Dzvynyachi kindergarten, and set up bus stops in all AH villages on their own. Besides, special teams have been recently formed to patrol forests in order to prevent uncontrolled deforestation.

The AH has its own Youth Council.

After amalgamation, they installed street lighting, partially began to repair roads, made pavement near the kindergarten, renovated heating system at the Kosmach gymnasium, as well as heating and water supply systems at Rosilna lyceum, etc.

In addition, there are currently two solid waste collection and sorting programmes functioning in the AH.

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Івано-Франківська область


Дзвиняцька сільська об’єднана територіальна громада



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