Ivankivska hromada started baking marvellous pastry for its schoolchildren

"We thought: why should we buy stuffed buns for school canteens somewhere, if we can bake them in our schools? We constantly purchase milk and apples from local producers for our AH schools, they are free-of-charge for children. Everything is of very high quality to feed the children with the best products. And then we decided that with these apples we can cook buns, so that pupils could eat freshly-baked pastry,” – says Lesia Polishchuk, head of the Ivankivska AH in the CherkasyOblast. “So we purchased 2 baker’s racks and a dough kneading machine for Ivanky school that hosts 250 children. When the first batch of stuffed buns was baked, pupils were queuing up to buy them. Moreover, the price is cheap – from UAH 2.40 (for a bun with apple) to UAH 3.50 (cheese-filled pastry). Now, when you come to our school, you feel an incomparable aroma of fresh pastry.”

For Krachkivka school, that is a bit smaller – 57 children study here – the hromada purchased an electric stove with an oven to bake patties. AH housewives suggested a very original recipe – so now the kids eat the most delicious pastry, which you will certainly not find anywhere else.

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Ivankivska hromada started baking marvellous pastry for its schoolchildren

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Черкаська область


Іваньківська сільська об’єднана територіальна громада


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