VACANCY! Central Office of the Institution LOCAL GOVERNMENT DEVELOPMENT CENTRE is looking for Deputy Head of the Management Board for Legal Compliance

The Central Office of the Institution LOCAL GOVERNMENT DEVELOPMENT CENTRE is looking for the Deputy Head of the Management Board for Legal Compliance (full-time position). 

Over the last several years, Ukraine has developed and adopted various regulations aimed to bring forward an ambitious decentralisation reform transforming relations between actors at the national, regional and local levels.

To help the “Local Government Development Centre” (LGDC) - a non-profit organisation established to support the decentralisation reform, we are looking for a highly-motivated, responsible and innovative manager able to help us work in full compliance with the legislation.

Our work is mainly focused on the following points:

• Ensuring legal compliance in the LGDC’s work and protection of its legal interests;

• Legal back-up of the work of the LGDC’s Supervisory Board and Executive Board, preparation of draft decisions, organisation of meetings;

• Ensuring legal compliance of draft decisions, instructions, regulations and other legal acts which are prepared by the LGDC (including its regional centres); participation in the preparation of these documents;

• Taking measures to review legal acts adopted by the LGDC;

• Preparation of conclusions on legal issues related to the work of the LGDC;

• Legal assistance to the RCs, coordination of RCs’ lawyers operation;

• Elaboration and implementation of the internal control system to ensure legal compliance in the activities of the LGDC;

• Organisation of the contract related work, participation in the preparation of the contacts, control of performing, legal assessment of the draft contracts;

• Preparation of proposals to stop the violations of contractual obligations, to remedy detected defects and to improve the economic and financial operations of the organisation;

• Participation in the elaboration and implementation of measures aimed to improve contractual and financial discipline, to keep the property of the LGDC in a proper condition and to prevent excessive spending;

• Preparation of conclusions regarding proposals to impose disciplinary and material sanctions on LGDC employees;

• Participation in preparation and implementation of the measures aimed to improve labour discipline;

• Ensuring compliance with the procurement rules of the LGDC;

• Representing the LGDC in courts and law enforcement institutions;

• Ensuring delivery of information about the new legislation to the officials of the organisation.

Qualification requirements:

• Law degree;

• Profound knowledge of labour law, civil law, administrative financial law, tax regulations; knowledge of the specifics of the non-profit sector in Ukraine would be an advantage;

• Basic knowledge of organisation management; knowledge of work organisation and qualifications for the preparation of contracts; ability to build up an internal control system regarding legal compliance and compliance with the charter of the organisation;

• At least 5-year working experience in a senior position for the legal back-up of an organisation (head of the legal unit or the legal department, deputy director in charge for legal affairs), work experience in the non-profit sector is welcome;

• Knowledge of the public governance structure, local self-government and the status of the decentralisation reform in Ukraine is an advantage;

• Good command of business Ukrainian is a must, good command of English is welcome;

• Microsoft Office;

• Confidentiality in processing data and information;

• Reliability, responsibility;

• Excellent communication skills;

• High loyalty, self-discipline, ability for team work.

Work start: Approximately starting from May 2019.

We are a young but ambitious organisation which develops rapidly. We are aware that each individual contributes to the development of the entire organisation and value each employee. Our office is located in the centre of Kyiv, it is comfortable and offers a really motivating working environment. We offer official employment and good career opportunities.

We are looking forward for your CV and motivation letter for the offered job which are to be sent to

“By the submission of an application, the candidate gives his/her consent that U-LEAD with Europe and the Local Government Development Centre will process his/her personal data. The personal data will remain strictly confidential and will not be transferred to any other third party.”

The last day for submitting the CV is 3 May 2019. 


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VACANCY! Central Office of the Institution LOCAL GOVERNMENT DEVELOPMENT CENTRE is looking for Deputy Head of the Management Board for Legal Compliance




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