Map of innovative hromadas-participants of “E-Solutions for Hromadas” project created

The TOP-100 hromadas that meet the basic criteria and represent 23 oblasts have joined the “E-Solution for Hromadas” project.

A graphic map of the project (StoryMap) based on ArcGIS technology has been developed to visualise hromadas’ geography, their e-development, participation in donor projects and other information. The map will be constantly evolving and replenished with new data.

Each hromada is unique and has its own development potential and innovation interest.

The second phase of the project is underway:

  • the first IT products of the project, i.e. hromada registries, address, property, are deployed in the largest data centre, certified according to ISO and CSCI;

  • more than 60 hromadas have already formed implementation teams and registered with the educational platform – to pass basic education modules.

The “E-Solution for Hromadas” project implemented by the Center for Innovations Development with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme, sparked great interest among hromadas. The ones that meet the basic criteria have taken part in public presentation of the project on 14 November 2018.

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Map of innovative hromadas-participants of “E-Solutions for Hromadas” project created


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