No more queues to have a place in kindergartens in Tomakivska hromada

In the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, decentralisation is bearing fruit. Dozens kilometers of repaired roads, new waterways, modernised schools, kindergartens and hospitals. Each hromada has its own features. The main success of the Tomakivska hromada is absence of turns to have a place in kindergartens. The hromada solved this problem for a few years – it created hundred additional places for children. This was announced during the Regional Development Board of Tomakivka rayon.

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No more queues to have a place in kindergartens in Tomakivska hromada


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Дніпропетровська область


Томаківська селищна об’єднана територіальна громада


Сайт Дніпропетровської ОДА

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