Mliyivska AH: how is life in the apple capital of Ukraine?

Presently, this is the only AH in Horodyshche Rayon that unites the villages of Mliyiv, Starosillya and Budo-Orlovets with more than 6,000 residents in one powerful unit. In its heart is the village of Mliyiv - the worldwide known “apple capital” of Ukraine.

The pomology research station established on the basis of the former pomology research institute maintains the sorts collection and cultivates new highly productive sorts of apples, pears, plums and other fruit as well as thoroughly preserves the heritage of the worldwide known Semerenko family whose members cultivated new fruit sorts. Visitors still can see the museum established in the Semerenkos’ family house, their family chapel and the legendary station surrounded with evergreen Versaille-like fields that look gorgeous in any time of the year. One should not be surprised, if some day soon a full-scale ski resort as well as the necessary modern infrastructure for leisure and tourism become available in the Mliyivska hromada.


Черкаська область


Мліївська сільська об’єднана територіальна громада Мліївська територіальна громада


Рідна Черкащина

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