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New School in New Hromadas


Provision of high-quality educational services is one of the most important and socially sensitive tasks of amalgamated hromadas. In almost every hromada, educational services concern at least 30% of hromada’s population (children, their parents, teachers), education account for up to 45% of the local budget expenditures, and the educational network activity provides fulltime jobs to 25% of the working population of the hromada. However, there are also many challenges in this direction. Assessing the experience of hromadas in educational sector in 2016, two conclusions should be noted:

Conclusion 1. Educational management and provision of quality services proved to be a difficult task for local self-government bodies of hromadas.

Conclusion 2. Best approaches and decisions on effective educational management at this stage of the reforms are being developed at the level of hromadas themselves.

Therefore, experts from the Swedish-Ukrainian project “Support to Decentralisation in Ukraine”, together with the Department of Education and Science of the Khmelnytskyi Oblast State Administration and the Dunayevetska AH, have started the creation of the first specialised online platform Best Practices in Educational Management, available HERE


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