Can local self-governments increase PIT inflow to budgets?

Personal Income Tax (PIT) is one of the main budget revenue sources in the structure of revenues of local budgets. In general, in all local budgets of Ukraine, its share makes up 56% of the total revenue volume, excluding transfers, including 55% of the budgets of amalgamated hromadas.

Therefore, it is clear that local authorities should pay special attention to PIT administering, search for opportunities to expand the taxation base, identification and implementation of available reserves, legalisation of labour relations, salary increase at economically active enterprises and other measures aimed at increasing the revenue from this tax, said Yanina Kazyuk, financial decentralisation coordinator of the Central Reform Office under MinRegion, to

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Can local self-governments increase PIT inflow to budgets?


YA.Kaziuk finansova detsentralizatsiia oth biudzhet analityka biudzhet


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