“We will rest when we will have our metro built”: how Ukraine’s most promising hromada lives

The Omelnytska amalgamated hromada of the Kremenchuk Rayon of the Poltava Oblast is one of the first hromadas which were established in Ukraine in 2015. MinRegion has recognised it as the most promising one.

Over the past two years, about 50 projects, i.e. modern heating in the kindergarten and overhaul of the culture centre and hospital, were implemented here. They bought a school bus and a car for doctors. Solar panels were installed on the wall of the church. Now the hromada wants to set up an industrial park with 5 large enterprises.

There are suspended ceilings, plastic windows, new furniture and laminate flooring in the premises of the Omelnyk village council. Though five years ago one corner was wet from humidity, and snakes and frogs crept into the building in winter.

Oleksandra Sheremetyeva, head of the AH, meets three delegations from the oblast centres, who came to take on the experience.

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“We will rest when we will have our metro built”: how Ukraine’s most promising hromada lives


Полтавська область


Омельницька сільська об’єднана територіальна громада



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