“Pros” and “cons” of transfer of land outside settlements to AH

Every year since 2014, the Government and Parliament try to somehow solve the land issue and finally transfer this important development resource to hromadas. Though so far, the relevant draft laws have not moved further than the first reading of the Parliament. In 2017, the Government decided to follow another way and start solving issues not at once, but where it is needed the most namely, in the amalgamated hromadas ...

“We have long informed about our plans to establish an industrial park “Omelnyk” in our hromada, and we had real investors to implement these plans,” said Oleksandra Sheremetyeva, head of the Omelnytska AH of the Poltava Oblast, in the “Time of Opportunity” programme of the “5th Channel”. “We have developed a detailed business plan and concept. But the problem is that 100 hectares of land we want to create this park on are located outside the settlements in our hromada. Therefore, we do not have any right for them: this land is managed by the StateGeoCadastre.

This time, the “Time of Opportunity” programme was devoted to the topic of land located outside settlements, which is currently managed by the StateGeoCadastre. The guests of the programme talked about why, how and to whom these lands have to be transferred.

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“Pros” and “cons” of transfer of land outside settlements to AH



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