We expect first payments for patients to start in mid 2018, - Pavlo Kovtonyuk

Pavlo Kovtonyuk, Deputy Health Minister

The MOH planned to start the healthcare reform in the summer of 2017. But the postponement of parliamentary consideration of key draft laws for the autumn have delayed the start of changes for the next year.

Though, sudden changes are not expected to come from 1 January at once throughout the country. Patients should choose a doctor, but the doctors and healthcare institutions themselves need to work harder in order for patients to choose them.

The Ministry of Health believes that the quality of primary healthcare will gradually increase in corresponsence with the way the primary healthcare centres will join to the new system. Detailed answers to what conditions should be fulfilled by the "primaries" to have the right to receive money from the state budget, to whether the state will pay more for the health care of each patient, and to what requirements should be posed to the local authorities by the citizens in the regions in order for them to receive high-quality health care – can be found in the interview of Ukrinform with the Deputy Health Minister Pavlo Kovtonyuk.

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We expect first payments for patients to start in mid 2018, - Pavlo Kovtonyuk


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